Events / POS signs

Whether you need signage to direct people around a venue or for your company to stand out from your competitors, our event signage will ensure you’re seen.

Roll-up units & pop-up display

Roll-up units are perhaps the most convenient and efficient method of displaying your product/brand to the highest quality standard anywhere from market stall to conference centre. We will advise on the visuals and create or enhance your existing branding to the image you desire.

Roll-up display unit

The roll-up unit allows a one man promotional appearance with its instant set-up and professional, easy roll-up/roll-down mechanism.

Pop-up display unit

Our pop-up display units are quickly and easily assembled allowing you an instant visual trade show presence.

Pull-up banner

The pull-up instant banner is a simple banner with pole support mechanism where the user simply rolls out the banner and connects the supporting pole at the rear.

Display cases and frames

Signiatec supply Display Cases, Backlit Display Cases, Lightboxes, Click Frames and Acrylic pockets in a variety of sizes and finishes. Models may be wall mounted, cable & rod supported or free standing. Variations are available for both internal and external use.

Click frames

Available in standard, Lockable or Waterproof lockable options
Sizes: A4 -A0
Anodised silver finish.
Bespoke sizes on request and subject to minimum qty.
Colour options available on certain lines/ sizes

Acrylic pockets and brochure holders

Manufactured from 3mm clear acrylic
Sizes: DL -A2
Can be supplied for wall mounting or wire mounting.
Bespoke sizes on request and subject to minimum qty.

Notice boards

Internal and external options available.
Sizes: 2xA4 – 24x A4
Range of colours available.
Magnetic back boards.
Felt or cork back boards available on certain lines.

Pavement displays / sandwich boards

Available with click frame poster holder
Sizes: A1 + A0
Chalk board finish option.
White board finish option.
Waterfilled base option.

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