Farmleigh Estate

Farmleigh, an estate of 78 acres situated to the north-west of Dublin’s Phoenix Park, has been carefully refurbished by the Office of Public Works as the premier accommodation for visiting dignitaries and guests of the nation, for high level Government meetings, and for public enjoyment. In 2001 the Office of Public Works began the delicate job of restoring this magnificent estate. This was carried out with great delicacy and care so as the historical ambience at Farmleigh has been preserved as it assumes its new role on behalf of the Irish State.

The OPW engaged Signiatec to design, manufacture and install a range of tailored high-spec wayfinding and interpretive signs around the estate. Signiatec worked closely with the OPW graphic designers, architects, and engineers to produce a truly unique look which while modern in appearance also incorporates traditional elements which are in keeping with historic nature of the estate.

The main products supplied were:

  • Wayfinding and interpretive totems/monoliths.
  • Interpretive map boards with updateable information and tactile map section.
  • Wall-mounted directional signs.